Relationship between Bagua and Baguazhang
Defined, Life and Varied Postures
Movements (body, hands and legs)
Walking Movement (step)
Force and Power
Application of fighting technique
Standing meditation Qigong practice
Pumping Practice Method
Clapping Practice Method
Mind, Internal Qi and Force
Practice technique

Introduction To Xingyi Baguazhang 

Baguazhang is a form of traditional Chinese internal martial art with extraordinary unique characteristics that makes it becomes a valuable art among the Wushu world. It originated 170 years ago and reached its peak in the Ching Dynasty. The late Master Hai-chuan Dong (1797 – 1882) was the founder and main propagator. He was strict in his teaching and taught his disciples according to their own Wushu talent. Every one of disciples had his specialties and thereby created many styles and lineages in Baguazhang. Xingyi Baguazhang inherited from the late Master Ding-tsai Ren (1884 – 1959), disciple of the late famous Wushu Master Jan-criag Chang (1858 -1938)

Baguazhang, Taichi Chuan, and Xingyi Chuan are the three Chinese internal martial arts with their principle based on the philosophy of Bagua as stated in the Book of Changes (“I Ching”). Especially Xingyi Baguazhang, it adopts the eight positions in bagua non-polarity circle and mimics the movements of eight different animals (swallow, eagle, bear, monkey, dragon, snake, tiger, and horse) to form into a unique school of fist.

The main practice in Xingyi Baguazhang is “The Great Eight Palm” which requires practitioners have a pre-requisite knowledge of “Fundamental Walking Palm Method. Besides “The Great Eight Palm”, Xingyi Baguazhang also has the famous “36 Flying Palm”, “Bagua Sword”, “Bagua Rifle”, “Bagua Knife”, “Bagua Staff”, “Clapping Exercises”, “Pumping Exercises”, and Qigong in its practice.

Students practising Baguazhang – “Yin Yang Zhou Dan Zhang” under Master Xu's guidance   Students practising Baguazhang (“Lin Hou” Sou Wu Shi”) under Master Xu's guidance (“Monkey Guarding Prey” pose
Students practising Baguazhang (“Yan Zi Chao Shiu Shi”) under Master Xu's guidance (“Swallow Clicking Water” pose)
  Students practising Baguazhang (Shuang Yan Xi Shua Zhang”) under Master Xu's guidance (“Double Swallow Playing” pose)